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About Taikai Corporation


Through family-friendly events, we fund raise to offer inexpensive and free workshops in the field of physical and digital art. Classes are held in various towns between Homer to Willow on hobby interests including:

  • Sewing 101

  • Contact Lens Safety

  • Eastern Drawing Techniques

  • Advanced Costume design

  • Fundraising for non-profits

  • Hair and Wig styling


Our demographic is between the ages of 14-36 years old. This will be completely attended by Alaskan residents, spanning from Kenai to Willow who have a passion for animation, costumery, gaming, in addition to Eastern and Western cultural understanding.


We have noticed over the past 20 years that the number and quality of family friendly events have declined so we decided to collaborate and develop a non-profit to help the greater community connect with their hobbies and others who share their interest.


There are many ways you can help out and support Taikai Corporation. Any of the following benefit us as well as the community:

  • Donations

  • Volunteering

  • Teaching

  • Venues

  • Sponsoring

    If you are interested in volunteering please fill out our form found (here)


Our Board of Directors

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation created by Alaskans for Alaskans. Possessing decades of cumulative service in community workshops and conventions. We do our best in offering fun and exciting activities for young and old alike.




Caitlin Forbes

Caitlin is a huge anime cosplayer and has been making her own cosplays for conventions in and out of state and selling her bead crafts. She has been in the hospitality industry for the past 5 years working with the public in multiple different ways; behind desks, front and center, note taking, and in a phone room. Caitlin is drawn to large local gatherings in the community, and has an extensive Scooby-Doo movie collection



Interim vp

Patrick Campaign

An eye doctor by profession, Patrick has dedicated towards managing, running, and developing hobby and political conventions throughout Alaska since 2004.  A retro video gamer and a casual board game player, he is an advocate for virtual/ augmented reality; he teaches publicly about eye health and gamification for enthusiasts and businesses alike.


Forbes Sisters 2017 01.jpg


Kirstin Forbes

Kirstin has been part of the Convention community for over 10 years, whether it is attending, selling her craft, teaching classes, or helping to organizing events. She’s a born and raised Alaskan who has an extensive travel background earning her a fresh outlook of other conventions. She has been running her own hair business for 8+ years earning herself multiple titles and awards in the process. She’s an avid classic gamer, Mario lover, comic reader, and Supernatural fangirl. 


Board Member

Ariel Eveland

A mermaid out of the sea, Ariel is an Alaskan grown nerd who has her hands in multiple fandom cookie jars. Growing up she was always drawn towards the creative side of her brain; she took to pencil and paper like a moth to a flame. This passion for creating slowly turned into a path of study for university and lead to a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Ariel has traveled some of the seven seas, bouncing all around the continental US and hopping across both major ponds from London to Japan. She spends a majority of her free time scanning through YouTube videos, illustrating fan art and original concepts, as well as watching media from her favorite franchises. With her love of creation and fandoms, Ariel hopes to enrich the convention circuit in Alaska to educate and inspire the souls here in the Last Frontier.