Event Etiquette

Community is our job. Events are our business.

General Event Etiquette 


1. We run a family-friendly events unless specifically specified. As such, we ask that all costumes and behavior be appropriate.
2. All props must be checked in with security during entry. No metal weapons are allowed and all guns must have an orange tipped barrel.
3. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at the events. Cosplay is not consent.  If reported, you will get a warning and will be escorted from the premises if behavior continues.
4. If you find any issues or safety problems, be sure to report it to a volunteer.  In other words, "See something, say something".  If we look out for each other, we can all be safe together!
5. Destruction of people or property is prohibited; this may result in reprimand, expulsion, or even prosecution.
6. Report stolen or damaged property to a staff member.  Don't try to take matters on yourself.
7. Please respect and follow directions of volunteers and staff members.  We are there to help everyone have a good time.
8. If it's illegal outside the building, it's illegal inside the building.
9. Only service animals may accompany their handler in accordance with local and federal law.  Otherwise, leave your pets at home!  
10. Most importantly, have fun! The best part about our activities is the chance to interact with other fans and have a good time, so be sure to do so!


Taikai Corporation does not accept responsibility for any lost mail and/or payments. For vendors and artists, please do not send cash through the mail.  Payment for memberships can be conducted either in-person with cash or with credit card.  Online purchases are through credit card.  Please no checks.

For those attendees with accessibility challenges, our volunteer team will be happy to assist you with your accommodation needs. Even before registration, you can stop by our Admissions/Entry table and speak with one of our qualified staff members. Disclosure of your disability is not required, but they will discuss with you what accommodations you may need and what we can offer. Once determined, they will issue you an accommodations badge that is designed to hang behind your attendee badge during your time with us. Displaying this badge will help our staff to assist you to the best of our capabilities without requiring repeated inquiry as to your needs.


The people, including staff, were great, and events were well organized.
— 2017 Convention Attendee
Loved the nonprofit workshop, it was very informative!
— workshop attendee
Music playing, events were announced clearly, kind staff, events going all day.
— 2017 convention attendee