Teamwork. Joy. Diversity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start doing this?

We have noticed that family friendly events and activities have been declining over the last twenty years.  We decided to collaborate and develop a charity to help all community members with their hobbies  and connect with each other.  Founded by two Palmer High School graduates in 2015, we have grown into a thriving group that offers free and inexpensive avenues towards learning more about modern Eastern and Western pop culture.

Are you a nonprofit or a for-profit business?

We are federally registered as a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit corporation.  We chose this because they are federally regulated for transparency, honesty and integrity.  It also allows people to offer tax-deductible donations and feel better in knowing that we are not profiteering from your education and entertainment.


First of all, thank you!  Donations are what helps us continue to offer high quality activities and workshops for those who need it.  Online donation will be possible soon.  In-person donation is permitted at any of our events when any Director is present to provide tax-deductible receipts.  Mailed donations can be made to:
      Taikai Corporation
      1150 S Colony Way, Ste 3, Rm 455
      Palmer, AK 9964
Once verified, a tax receipt will be written to you.  Please do not mail cash.


How can I get a membership?

You can be involved in many ways!  You get an honorary membership if you volunteer for any of our events.  We have periodic Q&A sessions with the Directors and Managers of our group, so that you can make a direct influence with our organization.  If you want to help make decisions for our present and future activities, purchasing a Premium Membership will allow you yearlong access to all of our events as well as a vote for our corporate business meetings.

Membership Details

A Basic Membership Badge will get you into all general activities for the entirety of that particular event.  Memberships are available for purchase both online and at-the-door.  Price will fluctuate for each event.

A Premium Membership Badge will allow voting privileges with the Corporation board when it comes to choosing board members and deciding badge prices. Premium Memberships are only available to individuals and are not open to corporations.  Inquire for this year's pricing.

Membership Badges and passes, as well as additional membership options, are non-transferable and non-refundable; use of a badge or pass by any person other than the original holder is not allowed and will result in badge or pass confiscation. Badges and passes may not be duplicated in any fashion. The holder of a membership badge or pass shall agree to surrender the badge to any officer or representative on request. When you purchase a badge or pass for Taikai, you purchase a membership for Taikai for the current convention year.

There will be no recompense if you are found with a counterfeit membership badge. If you purchase a badge from someone other than Taikai, you will not have a valid membership to our event. Scalping badges only hurts our event. If you find people scalping badges, please report them to Registration immediately.

All badge and pass names are subject to staff approval. We are a family friendly convention and names deemed inappropriate by staff will be changed.

Taikai Corporation reserves the right to use the Membership badge holder’s image or likeness for any current or future promotional consideration.